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Floorcare Specilists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Commerical Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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Floorcare Specialists
Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Carpet Cleaning Methods, Equipment & Procedures

At FloorCare Specialists, we know that not all commercial carpet cleaning methods are created equal. Our years of industry experience have taught us that the “latest and greatest” is not always the best. In fact, some carpet cleaning methods cause more damage than good.

FloorCare Specialists continuously tests all commercial carpet care methods and cleaning products commercially available. We conduct our tests and evaluations in our own test area and in real world situations. We benchmark, test and evaluate everything. Once a product or process passes our strict evaluation criteria, we consider the best possible applications and implement when and where we know there will be value.

We offer the following information as an overview of the most common carpet commercial cleaning methods for comparative purposes.

Bonnet Cleaning or Rotary Cleaning is a low tech, low skill method. Most often used by janitorial companies. This method can produce reasonable short-term results (quick, visual improvement by surface cleaning).

The process applies and agitates chemicals, but leaves little provision for removing chemicals and soils. Because soils and the cleaning solutions used are never fully removed, they will accumulate over a period of time; contribute to re-soil; and create the need for deep restoration.

Important: Due to the abrasive nature of this procedure, many carpet and fiber manufacturers will void their product warranty if the bonnet method is used.

Dry Foam is a process not used very often. A high surfactant
detergent is brushed into the carpet, and extracted out by the same
machine. The problem with this process is that it leaves a heavy
detergent residue that contributes to quick re-soiling. As with bonnet cleaning, the need for deep restoration will be required.

Dry Powder carpet cleaning utilizes a low-moisture powder that is agitated or brushed into the carpet. Sometimes a prespray treatment is used as a catalyst for the powder. The powder absorbs soil as it is brushed into the carpet. Following application, the powder is allowed to dry. After it dries the powder is vacuumed away.

Residual powder (similar to detergent build-up) not properly removed by the vacuuming step, can create a “dusting” problem. Some powders are synthetic and do not break down, periodically requiring hot water extraction.

Low Moisture carpet cleaning is the application of an encapsulating, polymer based chemistry that includes brushing and grooming of
the carpet pile. Low moisture cleaning offers very fast drying times.
Carpets can be walked on immediately following cleaning.

The system is very useful in many twenty-four hour a day operations such as hospitals and call centers. These polymer based chemistries provide excellent long-term appearance retention and preventative re- soiling properties.

Hot Water Extraction also Steam Cleaning injects a hot water, detergent solution deep into the carpet; suspends soils in this solution; and extracts (removes) the cleaning solution. While many other methods are considered surface cleaning, hot water extration is deep cleaning.

Often, hot water extraction is the method used to remove build-up and re-soiling caused by other cleaning methods. Hot water extraction is most often used as a deep restorative cleaning method.

Carpet Protectors also Treatments are sometimes applied following cleaning. These products are designed to repel soils and spills. They make soil and spill removal easier by not allowing them to bind to fibers. However, protectors and treatments do not negate the need to continue daily and periodic cleaning routines. The soil is still on or in the carpet and must be removed. These applications are temporary and should be used to assist daily carpet care and to combat particularly challenging conditions between periodic cleanings.

Regardless of the carpet maintenance system in place, it is important that a program is well designed, properly implemented and professionally managed.

Commercial Carpet cleaning frequencies must be determined by area usage. A complete facility survey is required prior to determining cleaning frequencies.

As a general guide, heavy soiling and traffic areas should be cleaned
monthly. Moderate traffic areas should be cleaned quarterly. Low
and light use areas once or twice per year. Very heavy areas (walk off mats, runners, entries, lobbies and cafeterias) may need to be cleaned weekly.

As a preventative commercial carpet care program is developed and implemented, cleaning results should be monitored continuously. Service frequencies may need to be modified to achieve the best aesthetic results.

A good preventative carpet care program has built in variability that is adaptive to the changing needs of a facility and continuously delivers good-looking, clean carpets.

If you would like help or assistance in evaluating and selecting the right carpet care methods, equipment and procedures please contact us.

FloorCare Specialists offers on site consulting to our customers free of charge. We believe that helping our customers select and implement the right carpet care protocol ultimately helps all parties with a vested interest in the carpet’s success.

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Floorcare Specialists Commercial Carpet Care Services Include:

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Floorcare Specialists - Green Seal
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