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Floorcare Specilists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services - Atlanta, Georgia

FloorCare Specialists, providing...A Better Service Solution.

Floorcare Specialists
Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

The Carpet Cleaning Program

A commercial carpet cleaning program builds upon the value of the three prior maintenance components: Selection, Preventative & Daily. Carpet cleaning refreshes and preserves the carpet. A properly designed program insures that your carpet will last and endure daily service.

FloorCare Specialists will design the best possible carpet cleaning program for your commercial building in Atlanta, Georgia. We will evaluate everything that impacts carpet maintenance and deliver to you a competitively priced carpet care program, custom designed to enhance your building’s appearance, while protecting your carpet investment.

Research shows that approximately eighty percent (80%) of the soil that is trafficked into a facility is dry in nature (sand, grit, debris, dirt, and powders). These dry soils are easily removed through daily maintenance techniques such as vacuuming, dust mopping and/or damp mopping. The remaining twenty percent (20%) of trafficked soil is what causes the most challenge and need for periodic maintenance. These soils are known as “binders” and are normally “oily” in nature.

The binders attach themselves to carpet fibers and floor surfaces and are not removed with daily care. Instead, they not only accumulate on the floor covering, they also attract other soils. They increase a floor covering’s soiling rate. Common binders include
grease, tar, petroleum distillate, animal fats, even residue left from cleaning detergents.

Detergents binders, an important note: Any time that a floor is cleaned, some residual cleaning solution is left on the surface of the floor. If this weren’t the case, floors would always be dry following wet cleaning methods, or would not require vacuuming after “dry” cleaning methods. Weather wet or dry, the fact is, almost all carpet cleaning procedures have some water content. All carpet cleaning methods leave some residue behind. The secret to cleaning success is leaving the right residue behind.

The key to reducing the effects of residual commercial carpet cleaning solutions is both technical and practical. Technically: the best carpet cleaning products should be selected. These products should not only clean well, they should not bind to or accumulate in the carpet.

All carpet cleaning technicians in Atlanta should be properly trained in the correct use of carpet cleaning products.

Periodic commerical carpet maintenance is performed according to a predetermined schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.). The purpose is to remove the soils and contaminants that daily maintenance procedures do not remove. A periodic carpet care program should be set up such that the appropriate services are provided frequently enough to insure an acceptable appearance level. Service intervals should be close enough together to insure restorative carpet cleaning is not required.

Periodic carpet care is performed because soils and contaminants have accumulated to the point that normal daily vacuuming and spot cleaning are not able to maintain an acceptable appearance level. Because carpet is a three-dimensional surface, it has a tendency to accumulate soil from the bottom up. Soil accumulates first at the base of the fiber tufts and builds up. When the face of a carpet is visibly soiled, it may need restoration instead of maintenance.

Safety note: Any time a carpet is cleaned, it is critical to conspicuously display the appropriate caution signs. This raises awareness and reduces liability.

To prevent expensive carpet restoration, periodic carpet care should be scheduled with such frequency to insure restoration will not be required. Carpet cleaning frequencies are balanced with the traffic and soiling conditions of a facility. The optimum carpet
cleaning program provides for removal of soils on a regular basis and is custom tailored to the way a facility is utilized. Heavy traffic and soiling areas are cleaned more frequently than lower traffic and soiling areas.

Let FloorCare Specialists custom design and implement your commercial carpet maintenance program. Our years of industry experience in carpet manufacturing, installation and maintenance, coupled with a complete evaluation of your Atlanta facility will insure a comprehensive, high quality carpet maintenance program is in place to protect your

FloorCare Specialists offers on site consulting to our customers free of charge. We believe that helping our customers design the right carpet maintenance plan helps all parties with a vested interest in your carpet’s success. Call now 678-802-6020!


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Floorcare Specialists Commercial Carpet Care Services Include:

The Components of a Successful Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program

Commercial Carpet Selection and Placement

Preventative CommercialCarpet Maintenance

Daily CommercialCarpet Maintenance

The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Program

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods and Procedures

Restorative Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Floorcare Specialists - Green Seal
Floorcare Specialists - Green Seal

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