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Floorcare Specilists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Commerical Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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Floorcare Specialists
Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Floorcare Specialists - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Preventative Carpet Maintenance

Second only to carpet selection, preventative maintenance is critical to insuring the ongoing success, performance and safety of any floor covering.

Preventative maintenance relates to the activities and measures taken to prevent soil and moisture from entering a building by way of rolling traffic and foot traffic. Approximately eighty percent of all soil and moisture that enters a building does so by way of foot and rolling traffic. Simple, basic, preventative measures should be taken to reduce this occurrence.

Exterior landscape and grounds maintenance is the first line of defense against soil. Following landscaping activity it is important to insure that all dirt and debris is removed promptly. Regular maintenance of parking lots, driveways, garages, sidewalks and walkways is an important factor in reducing soil and debris. The goal is to insure that exterior soils do not accumulate outside entry points, where they can be picked up and carried inside the building.

Asphalt Parking Lot Sealers, an important technical note: Asphalt parking lot sealers (particularly petroleum based) can be irreversibly detrimental to floor coverings. Sealers are intended to protect and extend the life of asphalt parking lots. However, over time, the sealers wear off. As they wear away, it stands to reason that some of the particulate will traffic into the building.

Proper preventative actions will minimize this track off. Follow all
manufacturer recommendations for sealing parking lots. The two most often violated rules are applying sealer when outdoor temperatures are too high and putting the parking lot back into service too soon after new applications. Temperatures and curing times are critical. If asphalt sealers are to be used, proper selection and placement of walk off mats and runners is critical.

During the winter months, or during times of inclement weather, this can be a challenge. Walkways should be swept or blown regularly to remove soil accumulation. This is often a challenge during periods of snow and ice, because sand and/or ice melt must be used to reduce slip and fall hazards. The use of seasonal or additional walk off mats and runners may be required to remove heavy volumes of water, snow, sand and ice melt.

Ice Melts, an important technical note: There is significant evidence to support the fact that certain types of ice melt (chemical) formulations are damaging to floor coverings. Some formulations have been shown to damage (weaken) carpet fibers, remove (strip) floor finishes and penetrate (stain) floor coverings. Diligent use of walk off mats and runners, coupled with aggressive ground and housekeeping can significantly minimize these effects.

Walk off mats and runners play a critical role in the success of any carpet’s protection and preventative maintenance. Unlike carpets, walk off mats and runners are specifically designed to grab and absorb soil. These products are the last line of defense in protecting carpets.

Walk off mats should be placed at all formal, and informal, entrances to a facility. Additionally, walk off mats should be used at heavy soiling and transition areas: From manufacturing/warehouse areas to office space; in front of vending machines and coffee bars; from kitchens and cafeterias to adjacent areas. In addition to reducing soiling, they can significantly reduce slip and fall liabilities.

Safety note: Any time inclement weather or spills occur there is always the very real possibility for slips and falls. While strategic placement of walk off mats and runners is important, proper and frequent use of visible Wet Floor caution signs raises awareness and further limits liability.

Walk off mats and runners should be of the appropriate size, construction and texture to insure that adequate soil and moisture will be absorbed and collected.

As part of our complete service offering, FloorCare Specialists’ representatives can provide you with a complete line of walk off products and placement advice to insure that your carpets are protected. We further have the ability to customize these products with corporate logos, safety messages, graphics, etc. For more information, please consult with your representative.

HVAC preventative maintenance is an important component in floor care. Studies reveal that eighty percent of all soils enter a building as a result of foot and rolling traffic. The remaining twenty percent is airborne.

This soil can be carried by wind and air currents through open doors and windows or through the buildings air exchange systems. Airborne soils and contaminants, if not filtered, will eventually fall to the nearest horizontal surface. When allowed to accumulate, large quantities of dust appear.

HVAC filters should be changed regularly and properly, per manufacturer recommendations to insure airborne particulate is minimized. Since carpet represents the largest, contiguous exposed horizontal surface in a facility, it collects the most airborne
particulate. Carpets should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly to insure removal of such soils.

Food and Beverage Policies play a big role in limiting opportunities for spills and stains. As part of a preventative carpet care program, we suggest limiting the use of food and beverages whenever and wherever possible or practical.

Some property owners are able to successfully prohibit all foods and beverages, while others, either by the nature of their business or employee perks, have little choice to determine food and beverage policies. Spill proof mugs, and food containers are helpful.

Policies on where food and beverages can be consumed further help. Of critical importance in dining areas are the choice, color and texture of carpets, walk off mats and runners.

Further, discourage employees and customers from disposing of food and beverage containers in anything other than a designated trashcan or reclamation receptacle. Insure that these receptacles are properly lined. This will help prevent trash bags and liners
from puncturing and creating an unsightly drip trail from the point of origin to the freight elevator lobby. Place receptacles strategically where people will see and use them.

Chair pads help preserve the appearance and texture of carpets under desk chairs. In carpeted environments where people sit at their desk for long or extended periods, chair pads are essential. Some carpet and fiber manufacturers require their use for product
warranty preservation.

If you would like our help or assistance in evaluating for your preventative maintenance procedures, please contact us. FloorCare Specialists offers on site consulting to our customers free of charge. We believe that helping our customers establish the right
preventative maintenance procedures ultimately helps all parties with a vested interest in the carpet’s success.


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